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Let me ask you something...

Do you feel out of touch with who you are and don't know how to reconnect with your true inner-self?

Have you put other's needs before your own so much so that you've forgotten what your needs or wants are?

Are you at a loss with how to live your life intentionally and with purpose?

If so, friend, I know EXACTLY how you feel...
I Want to PERSONALLY Work With You To Help You Find Your Answers, 
& Solve Your Problems, And Start Your Healing 
In Less Than 28 Days!
Hi, I'm Halle Cottis...

I can remember the day clearly. I was in a church parking lot toting my preemie newborn twins, one car seat on each arm, into the daycare center where their 18-month-old big sister was.

Out of nowhere a huge sense of panic came over me and I set my twins down and dropped to my knees crying uncontrollably.

I didn't see it coming, it just happened.  I was absolutely exhausted and at my breaking point.  

How was I going to care for my three young babies? What if I fail as a mother? What if I fail as a wife? I remember vividly thinking I can't do this...I can't do this...I can't do this.

Little did I know that there was a complete stranger sitting in her car who saw this all godown.  

As I tried to collect myself, she came to my side and helped me up to my feet and said: "Don't worry, I'm going to get you some help!"

We locked eyes and she said, "But honey, you've got to promise me one've got to start taking care of YOU so that you can be there for your beautiful babies." can I be there for myself when I've got all these new responsibilities of caring for these 3 babies? 

And then this stranger said, "If you don't put yourself first, nothing will fall into place and nobodies needs will be met."

Then she said, "All I ask is when my help arrives, carve out some time for you...whether it be a walk, a quiet ride in an empty car, or even a hot something that nurtures your needs".

My first thought was do I even remember what I enjoy doing in my pastime? It's been so long...

I shook my head and agreed, she got my address and smiled and left. 

As I was walking in to get my daughter I realized that I never even got this kind stranger's name.

The next day another complete stranger showed up to my door with a complete dinner in hand. Two days later another stranger showed up with yet another meal for our family and this went on for 6 weeks!

I honored my hero's wish and carved out time for myself each evening.

Funny thing is, she was right! Once I started to care for myself I was better equipped to be there for my girls.

I created an environment at which I could thrive and most importantly an environment that allowed me to have a positive relationship with myself and my family.

I won’t get into all the details here...there's just not enough time, but let’s just say the tide turned the moment I decided to start showing up for myself.

Some may think that it's not possible to put their own needs before others. They're WRONG. 

I totally transformed myself just by putting myself first...and this has taught me valuable lessons about self-love and how to show up and live life intentionally and with purpose.

This, my friend, has empowered me to help others in unimaginable ways.

And as for that stranger who helped me in more ways than she could've ever imagined, I call her my angel.
During my own reinvention, I've seen so many other women transform their lives and start living their lives with love and purpose.
Take Julie for example.  Julie felt she needed to be friends with everyone.  She put herself out there and would do anything for anyone, even if it was negatively affecting her life.

Her relationships with her loved ones was suffering. She was physically drained and unable to show up for herself.

After identifying why she was putting other people's needs above her own, she made the appropriate changes to start showing up for herself. 

She then took steps forward to correct the behavior and not only did this benefit her, but it benefited everyone around her as well.

She is now living her life intentionally and is much happier for it.
Then there was Hilary. Hilary had spent years not knowing who she was.  She had lived her life for others and lost her way years ago and didn't know how to find herself again.

With a little energy healing and tackling ways to make herself a priority, Hilary learned how to connect with her true inner-self and learned to start loving herself again.
She's created a new environment that promoted better relationships, positive energy, and is now living her life spiritually with purpose and happiness.


I was a former Keto fan but began eating a more plant based lifestyle 5 months ago after suffering from breast implant illness. 3 months ago I started drinking 16 ounces of celery juice religiously every morning. Most recently I did the 28 day cleanse for 3 weeks ... 😃🙌🏻 Words cannot describe what a 180 my body, mind and spirit have done in these past 3 months, more specifically these past 4 weeks. After suffering from brain fog, low energy, Hashimotos, heart palpitations, racing heart, brittle nails and hair, gas and bloating, kidney pain and skin breakouts I’m ecstatic to say all those symptoms are gone!!! 

I got sick 4 years ago, literally overnight, from active and hard working to disabled in a wheelchair, with severe muscle paralysis and weakness along with an array of other debilitating symptoms (POTS, vertigo, constant brain fog and dizziness, IBS, cystitis, fatty liver, gallstones, food allergies etc...)...HEALTH is your BIRTHRIGHT.
Never stop fighting until you get healthy, and let no one tell you otherwise. 
Today marks the first time that I can actually say that I am feeling the best I’ve ever felt for the past 4 years. 
I saw DOZENS of doctors and would go to the ER every other week due to the pain. Every single doctor just handed me prescription drugs, told me this is just something I have to get used to, and there was nothing they could do. So how was I able to beat this endless cycle of SIBO without doctors?...I learned that the food I thought was healthy were actually feeding pathogens inside my body and keeping me sick...I have healed more than I ever could’ve imagined in just five short months!! and if you’re currently struggling with stomach problems, I KNOW you can heal too!

How cool is that?

Here's what I discovered... In order to help others in a massive way, you have to help yourself FIRST. 

But you may be wondering… “Halle, how do I help myself? What kind of help do I need?”

If you’re like me, you’ve been in a pattern of living your "less-than-best" life. Not by design. You’re used to living a life without authenticity. 

It's kind of like walking through the woods of a state park. If you’ve ever walked in woods you know how it’s smooth sailing as long as you stay on the path and follow the white markers on the trees...but if you miss one of the markers, you can quickly get derailed and lose your way.

Well, you've missed one of those markers and you've lost your way in a forest full of different paths and you can't seem to find your way out. 

Living a life where you feel lost totally sucks. I should know. I lived a non-authentic life for a long damn time. In fact, it seemed like things were hopeless.

Then I discovered that IF you've had enough, and you want to reeeallly live your life intentionally and with purpose, you’re going to need some help. So that's exactly what I did...I got the help I needed.

And do you know what? It totally worked! I experienced a total REBOOT and was able to TRANSFORM MY LIFE and learned SOOOO many lessons in the process.

Now that I've successfully carved out the right path, I'm on a MISSION to help others just like YOU to walk into life being EXACTLY who they were meant to be. Think of me as your white marker that LEADS you back to your authentic self.

Best of all...I'm confident that I can help you massively kick-start the process over the next 15 days!

Sound good?
15 Day Self-Discovery Challenge
Where You'll Connect With Your True Inner-Self
Normally $197
JUST $47
DAYS 1-5: Discover your true inner-self so you can CONFIDENTLY walk into life being EXACTLY who you were meant to be.
First, you’ll be able to…
  • Learn how energy profiling brings you into aliment with your true inner self.
  • ​Identify emotions that are holding you back and what you need to do to release the negative energy charge.
  • ​Learn how to take appropriate steps to fulfill your needs so that everyone benefits.
  • Eliminate relationships that no longer serve you and embrace the positive relationships that bring value to your life.
DAYS 6-10: Discover how your gifts are uniquely positioned where your core values, strengths and passions intersect. 
Then, you'll…
  • Dive into your core values and why they're so important when searching for your life's purpose.  
  • ​Learn what your strengths are and how to utilize them to serve yourself and others.
  • ​List your interests and learn how to add them back into your daily life.
  • ​List your hopes and dreams and create a plan that helps you work towards them.
  • ​​Discover your gifts and superpowers to share with the world.
DAYS 11-15:  Uncover what you really, truly want in life (the answer may totally surprise you!)
Finally, here you’ll be able to…
  • ​​​Use my powerful fool-proof equation that allows you to start living your life with purpose.
  • ​Learn how calculated risks often leads us to our biggest and greatest desires
  • Learn How To Follow Your Inner Guidance (What Your Heart Is Telling You)​!
  • ​Create a safe atmosphere, a place where you are free to grow and be your true inner-self, and a place where you can fulfill your life's purpose.
Natural Solutions For Cleaning & Wellness Book
($21.95 Value)
In the Natural Solutions for Cleaning & Wellness book, I'll teach you how to remove toxins from your home and show you how to use natural remedies to improve your health.

This is a perfect companion for anyone who's wanting to create a better environment to thrive in and I'll have it shipped right to your doorstep!

International orders will be charged additional shipping & handling charges at checkout.
15 Days of Live Training with Halle 
($2,100 Value)
This challenge is all about helping you uncover your radiant truth so you can live in alignment as your true inner-self with confidence and happiness.

Nothing lights my fire more than helping my clients get results within their life. Here’s the thing get results you need to take ACTION. That’s why this isn’t just an online program, it’s a CHALLENGE, and I’ll be challenging you every. single. day.

I’ll challenge you to do the things that will put you on of the right  path to happiness. I’ll challenge you to show up in your life. I’ll challenge you to resolve your issues. Basically, I’m going to challenge you to live your best life.

Every week you'll have assignments to complete. They are designed to help you grow in ways you cannot even imagine.

You’ve got ONE life to live here, and it’s high time that you start living it to the fullest, don’t you think?

The thing is, you can’t do this work solo. If you could - you would’ve already done it because you’re super smart.

It takes someone ELSE to help light that fire within you, and that someone, friend, is ME.

Live Your Best Life Challenge Assignments 
($297 Value)
Wondering what you have to offer yourself and others? I knew you would! As you work on your self-development, chances are you need to know what your core values, strengths, and your hopes and dreams are first...this is where the magic happens!!!

You'll receive hand-crafted challenge assignments & worksheets that are designed to allow you to have MAJOR breakthroughs! 

You'll probably grow more in 15 days than you have in the past 15 years! How exciting is that?!?

Access To Our Private Facebook Group
($500 Value)
This is probably my FAVORITE part of the entire challenge. This group will become like family to you! 

These are individuals on the journey to live their best lives just like you! In the group, you’ll be networking, sharing your wins, getting inspired and doing your challenge exercises and making brand new friends!

Access To All Video Recording 
($297 Value)
Despite the best of intentions, sometimes you may miss a live coaching session…but I’ve got you covered, friend! 

You will have access to all of the video recordings!

The Fool-Proof 5 Step 
Find Your Purpose Framework 
($97 Value)
I didn't think it could be done, but I managed to document the exact process I use to accurately identify your life's purpose and I break it down into 5 easy-to-follow steps. The Find Your Purpose Framework takes the guesswork out of figuring out the greatest gifts that you have to offer.

BONUS #1: The Fool-Proof 5 Step Live-Your-Life-With-Purpose Framework       
Value: $297

I didn't think it could be done, but I managed to document the exact process I use to accurately identify your life's purpose and I break it down into 5 easy-to-follow steps. The Live-Your-Life-With-Purpose Framework takes the guesswork out of figuring out your greatest gifts that you have to offer.

BONUS #2: Core Values Worksheet, Strength Worksheet, Hopes & Dreams Worksheet       
Value: $97

Wondering what you have to offer yourself and others? I knew you would! If you're working on self-development, chances are you need to know what your core values, strengths, and your hopes and dreams are first...this is where the magic happens!!! Here's are several worksheets to get your started TODAY!!!

BONUS #3: Energy Profiling Course         

Without a doubt EVERYTHING is energy, and that includes YOU.

We often become so out of alignment with our true inner-self that we no longer recognize who we are!

The good news is that we move through life 1 of 4 unique ways. Once you discover which energy you lead with, you can walk through life happy and with pure confidence.

BONUS #4: Hopes & Dreams Worksheet         
Value: $97
As you go through the Self-Discovery Challenge, you may have some questions.

Great News! My team and myself are here to support you and answer any questions you may have on your journey.  
By participating in the challenge, you will be eligible to win one of the following FABULOUS, life-changing prizes! Eeeeek!
1st Prize
TWO Private One-On-One 
60-Minute Self-Discovery Breakthrough Coaching Sessions with Halle Cottis 

(Value: $700)
2nd Prize
ONE Private One-On-One
60-Minute Self-Discovery Breakthrough Coaching Session 
with Halle Cottis 

(Value: $350)
3rd Prize
ONE  Private One-On-One
30-Minute Self-Discovery Breakthrough Coaching Session 
with Halle Cottis 

(Valued at $175)
15 Day Self-Discovery Challenge
Where You'll Connect With Your True Inner-Self
Normally $197
JUST $47
  • ​15-Day Live Training Sessions with Halle Cottis to inspire and empower you ($2,100 Value)
  • ​Access to the Recorded Live Training Sessions ($297 Value)
  • ​Access to our Private Facebook Group ($500 Value)
  • ​Live-Your-Best-Life Challenge Assignments ($297 Value)
  • ​ Find Your Purpose Framework ($97 Value)
Total Value:  $3,285.95
  • ​Have a TRUE understanding of how self-love, energy, and your life's purpose all play a crucial part in your Live-Your-Best-Life journey.
  • ​Have CLARITY on where you’re headed and begin to feel more in alignment with your Authentic Self.
  • ​Have the right MINDSET for transforming your life.
  • ​Understand Your PURPOSE IN LIFE, and how to start helping others.
  • ​ Have MOMENTUM to keep going with your new empowering lifestyle.
Probably best of all, you'll have an entire family supporting you on your journey moving forward!
Oh, and there’s one more thing I think you'll love...
Say whaaat?!? Oh yea.

The more the merrier, right? So, I’m including a very specially offer just for you…
“Birds of a feather flock together…” so if you’re super stoked about this challenge, I’m guessing at least 3 of your friends, family, or co-workers will be too… so once you join the 15 Day Self-Discovery Challenge you’ll be given a special link.

Then, when 3 of your friends join the 15-Day Self-Discovery Challenge, simply email us the names of who your referred to us and we’ll reimburse your entry fee. Then SHAZAM! You scored my 15-Day Transformational Experience for FREE, baby!

That’s really good stuff, right?

Ok, so enough talking…it's time to take action and get signed up.

I can’t WAIT to get to know you and help you move to the next level! You are worth it and YOU deserve a life full of confidence and happiness!

With Love,
15 Day Self-Discovery Challenge
Where You'll Connect With Your True Inner-Self
Normally $197
JUST $47
This Is EXACTLY How You Can Start Healing...
And to start enjoying your life again...or for the first time.

I want you to be able to spend more time with your family and friends...instead of traveling to doctors, and spending most of your time searching for answers...

And I want to show you how to start moving towards your dreams with joy.... 

Instead of accepting the pain, discomfort, and less-than life 

If you’re in pain or exhausted all the time …. IT IS NOT NORMAL.

If you have ANY of the conditions I’ve shared, you cannot have them without one of these epidemics! 

YES. We all get older and can get sick. BUT a lot of what we’re suffering through is NOT NORMAL

For example…

  • ​Some parts of menopause ARE normal. But hot flashes are a result of the EBV.
  • ​Headaches CAN be normal after a hard day. But frequent, common migraines are not. This is a result of toxic heavy metals.
  • It makes sense to be tired and exhausted after a rough day. But if you’re suffering from chronic insomnia, you’re probably suffering from an overload of toxic heavy metals.
  • ​You can have bad skin and pimples or dry skin. BUT eczema and psoriasis are a result of Toxic Heavy Metals.
  • ​Type 1 diabetes is a genetic disorder. But type 2 diabetes is a sluggish liver.
  • ​It might be normal to gain weight if you’re eating poorly. BUT not when you have a healthy diet. Or even if you’re entering menopause. This too is a result of a sluggish liver.
  • ​High cholesterol CAN be genetic. BUT if your eating is average, chances are heart disease is a result of a sluggish liver!
This is how my 28-Day Healing Cleanse Challenge works?
You can get started today, and can choose to start at whichever level you’re most comfortable with:
  • beginners level
  • ​intermediate level
  • ​advanced level.
These different levels help us start healing quickly, but in a more gentle way.

Optimal healing happens at the advanced level. But that’s just too hard for a lot of people who are just starting out. It was for me!

We’re already suffering enough. Why add any more to it!!!!

So the question I have for you is…
  • Are you ready to heal? 
  • Are you ready for a challenge?
  • Are you ready to say no to all of the stuff that’s actually making you sicker...
I created a beginners level, intermediate level, and advanced level.

Obviously, optimal healing happens at the advanced level. 

But it is SO hard to start there.

These different levels help us start healing quickly, but in a gentler way. 

We’re already suffering enough. Why add any more to it!!!! 

So pick ANY LEVEL and watch yourself start healing on a deep cellular level. 

So the question I have for you is...

Are you ready to heal? 
Are you ready for a challenge?
Are you ready to say no to all of the stuff that’s actually making you sicker...
And Say YES to what can ACTUALLY heal you!
Not mask the pain.

Not just deal with the symptoms.


The first step is a cleanse!

And to help you through that, I'm inviting you to take part in my 28-Day Healing Cleanse Challenge.

I implore you to take me up on this opportunity because chances are you could be getting sicker if you don't take action today.

And as I've stated before, I don't want another single woman to suffer!
Don't Just Take My Word For It, 
See How I've Inspired Thousands Of Women
To Become Healing Crusaders Themselves!
As Featured In Women's World Magazine!
That's right! Just recently I was featured in the Women's World Magazine. In the article I talk about how my holistic approach helped me heal from a wide range of issues. 

As a Holistic Life & Wellness Coach, I focus on coaching others on how to create a non-toxic environment where healing the mind, body, and soul happens so that one can experience self-love, good health, and happiness.
As Featured In First For Women Magazine!
I've also been featured in the First For Woman Magazine. In the article I talk about my healing journey and how eating fruits and vegetables transformed my mind, body and soul.

In the article I am quoted saying, 

Halle Cottis, healed herself by adding celery juice and vegetables and fruits to her diet.  

"I’m not just talking an apple a day - I’m talking a lot of fruit - and my health began to shift,” she says. “I was giving my mind, body, and soul what it needed to heal.” 

It wasn’t exactly easy, Halle says, but it was very rewarding and taught her a lot about herself. “Healing can happen, you're a healing crusader” she says. “It’s just around the corner, within reach..."
Q: How do I get access to the Challenge?
When you complete your purchase, you’ll immediately be redirected to a page that will give you the instructions on how to join the member's area and how to join our exclusive Self-Discovery Private Facebook Group.

**IMPORTANT NOTE** PLEASE check your email (and spam folder) for an email from us immediately after you sign up. Then whitelist our e-mail address. If you’ve got Gmail, move the message from your Promotions folder into your Primary Inbox. 


I’ll be communicating with you via e-mail as well, and I don’t want you to miss a single, fabulous drop of the goodness I’m dishing up for you!

Q: When does the challenge start?
The official date will be announced in the member's area and via email and then it's GO time, baby!

Q: Where do I access my bonus material?
Your bonus material will be in the member's area.

Q: How will the prizes be awarded?
This will all be revealed inside the 15-Day Challenge Facebook Group.

Q: When will I get my entry fee back after I refer 3 friends?
Once you email my team your three friends that joined, we'll issue a refund right away.

Q: I’m never on Facebook, can I still participate?
Friend…for 15 days you are gonna have to be on Facebook. Just ignore the Newsfeed and stick in our group! Ok?

Got other questions about the 15-Day Challenge that aren’t answered here? 
Halle Cottis is an author, personal development and wellness coach, and an energy healer. 

She is best known as a personal development strategist that empowers women around the world to live in alignment with their true inner-self so that they can reveal and live their life's purpose.

In addition to being a mentor and coach, Halle is the award-winning blogger and owner behind Whole Lifestyle Nutrition where she has served over 25 million people with her message. Most importantly, though, she’s mom to 3 thriving girls.

With the success of helping thousands of women to live their best lives,  Halle has been featured in the Women's World and First For Women magazines.

Here are some other not-so-pertinent but fun facts about Halle…
Diplomas & Furthering Educations Hanging On The Wall:
BS in Hospitality/Food & Nutrition- The Ohio State University
Certified Holistic Life & Wellness Coach – CHEK Institute
Energy Healer - Carol Tuttle Healing Center

Husband: David Cottis (My best friend and life partner who always knows how to light the fire inside of me).

Children: Three opinionated teenage girls (hey that builds character, right?)!

Favorite Past–Times: boating, fishing, sitting on a beach enjoying sunsets (I live in Florida, what did you expect), entertaining, traveling, cooking

Biggest Accomplishment: being an entrepreneur and building 2 thriving businesses (one online and one brick and mortar), and fulfilling a life-long dream of becoming a traditionally published author.

Favorite Movie: Thelma and Louise (I mean who doesn't love a young Brad Pitt and two best friends out on an adventure, am I right?!?)

Biggest Source of Inspiration: My children, who always seem to see the world through a fresh lens!

Best Advice: “Surround yourself with the dreamers and doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don't see it in yourself ” – Russell Brunson

Biggest Surprise: Being told that I was having twins, and then being told again that I had an 80% chance of having another set of multiples after having my first set of twins...And I'm talking all natural!

Nicknames: Hal, Hal-Bercula, Mama

Biggest Secret: If I told you….it wouldn’t be a secret anymore! ;-)

What I'm Most Proud Of: Showing my girls what a successful and loving marriage looks like and teaching them daily how to love, honor, and respect themselves and others around them.
15 Day Self-Discovery Challenge 
Where You'll Connect With Your True Inner-Self
Normally $197
JUST $47
About The Book...
Do you want to create the best environment possible that can protect and prevent you and your family from being unwell?
Are you tired of relying on pharmaceutical companies to help you with your health issues only to find that many of the prescribed drugs are actually causing you more harm than good?

In Natural Solutions For Cleaning & Wellness, holistic wellness coach, Halle Cottis, takes you on an  journey to help you removing toxins and harsh chemicals from your home and  helps you improve your health with natural health remedies.

One decision helped this unhealthy, frustrated mom on the verge of abandoning her efforts for good health and well being, to finally discover the missing link to why so many were suffering with health issues. Now she’s helping thousands of others do the same.

If you’re ready to…
  • Transform your house to a toxin-free home
  • Create natural remedies that alleviate health problems
  •  Create an environment that's optimal for good health and happiness...
…then why the hell are you still reading this page? Join the 21-Day Challenge and let’s get moving on the path to living your best life.  

You've been waiting for that special someone to walk with you on this journey and I'm that person , so let’s get going!

21-Day Challenge To Living Your Life Full Of Self-love, Good Health, & Happiness! 
Normally $197
JUST $47
It's time to say hello to a new and improved life.
The 28-Day Healing Cleanse is the right cleanse at the right time to help you live the life you deserve.
And the 28-Day Healing Cleanse Challenge is the right plan to get you there.
Click the button below to sign up right now...
The decision is now.
$455   $37
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